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Mica Type Heaters

Mica Type Heaters

General Description and Construction

Mica type heaters are designed as a practical method of heat transfer for a wide range of industrial heating applications.

Mica insulated heaters are constructed of nickel-chrome ribbon type resistance wire wound uniformly around the core and insulated by select quality mica, then encased in a thin metal sheath of rust resistant steel for operation at a maximum sheath temperature of 750. Special sheath materials are available for higher operating temperatures, limited by maximum sheath temperatures up to 1000.

There are various options available including several terminal constructions and arrangements, special cutouts, and gaps to provide for unusual mounting or control requirements. Design variations are available to meet the most unique applications.

Light weight mica type heaters respond rapidly to control and operate at high efficiency.

Typical Applications

Mica Type Strip Heaters are adaptable for use in drying and baking ovens or clamped to surfaces for heating tanks, rolls, dies, platens, hot plates and sealing equipment.

Mica Type Bank Heaters are widely used in the barrel heating of plastic extrusion and injection molding machines and other cylindrical surfaces.

Basic Design Configurations

2Pc Narrow Cylinder Band
with Type "S" (strap) Clamp

1Pc Cylinder Band
with Type "A" Leads
and Type "S" (strap) Clamp

1Pc Cylinder Band
With Clamp Straps

1Pc Band
With Type "C" Leads
With Type "S" Clamping Strap

1Pc Band Heater
With Type "D" Leads
With Type "S" (strap) Clamps

1Pc Narrow Band
With Type "M" Leads
and Type "S" (strap) Clamp

Hinged Cylinder Band
With Type "F" (flange) Clamp

Nozzle Band
With type "K" Leads
and Type "F" (flange) Clamp

1Pc Band
With Type "P" Terminal
With Type "S" Clamp Strap
With Curved Metal Terminal Cover

Type "E" Strip Heater

Type "L" Strip Heater