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Therm-Coil Line Voltage Thermostats
Models For All Heating & Cooling Installations
Snap Action Switch with Full Protected Bi-Metal Sensor

S-22 S-22-HS
S-22-ANT D-22-HS
D-22 M-22
D-22-ANT A-44
* Thermostat with Anticipator
X= Discontinued When Present Stock Is Depleted.

Controls 2 separate heat circuits.  The first stage is used approximately 90%, while the second is used for "quick recovery".  The switches are set 1-1/2 apart.
Controls 2 separate heating circuits of equal or unequal capacity.  Switches are calibrated to operate simultaneously.  This model permits the connection of a total of 44 Amps heating load to one thermostat.
S-22-C S-22-C-ANT
D-22-C D-22-C-ANT
*Thermostat with Anticipator
Average Differential:
-Regular Models:Approximately 2-5F @ 50% of rated load (Amps).
-Models With Anticipator:Approximately 1-2 F @ 50% of rated load (Amps).
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